Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Finding God in the Questions

Chapter 10:  Can We Bet on the Heart of God?

1.  In your opinion, what are the most important character traits one should possess?

2.  Are you surprised by the "omissions" in the parable of final judgment as noted by Johnson?

3.  How could you serve "the least important ones" more than you are now?

4.  Is there anything in your life that seems impossible to release?  Will you consider this important at the end of your life? Will Jesus?  How might you alter your priorities to fit those of Jesus?

5.  Do you think the distinction between "stars" and "servants" in the Philip Yancey excerpt is useful?

6.  What comfort does it give you to know that if you are attempting to follow Jesus, you will be close to his heart and he will be present in your life?

7.  Do you have a sense of fulfillment and contentment about who you are and what you do?  If so, how did you achieve this peace?  If not, how might you gain peace in your present situation?

8.  Many questioned Dr. Albert Schweitzer's decision to give up promising academic and musical careers to study medicine so he could help meet desperate medical needs in Africa.  In what ways could you practically help to meet the needs of those around you?

9.  Because of Schweitzer's example, Johnson has decided to rearrange his life so that he has more time to follow Jesus and give direct service to those in need.  Has the book encouraged you to take similar steps in your life?