Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Martin Luther: A Life

Chapters Seven & Eight

1.  In 1526, Luther’s health deteriorated on several levels.  What were they and what contributed to them?

2.  What was the target of Luther’s liturgical renewal and reform?

3.  What was the Saxon Church Visitation and why did it fair so poorly?  (Spare no humorous details!)

4.  What were the Large & Small Catechisms and why did Luther write them?  How were they received?

5.  Who was Ulrich Zwingli and what did he and Luther debate over?  What was their common ground?

6.  By now, the growing cast of characters in this narrative is getting fuzzy.  Nonetheless, Charles V is striving to walk the fine line between Wittenberg and Rome.  What events led up to the Diet at Augsburg?

7.  What issues were at stake at Augsburg?  What huge role did Melanchthon play in its success?

8.  Even though the negotiations failed, the Augsburg Confession survived.  Why?

9.  What drew Luther to Paul’s Letter to the Galatians and why is his commentary on Galatians still revered?

Friday, November 7, 2014

Martin Luther: A Life

Chapters Five & Six

*Please be prepared to discuss specific details of our reading.

1.  What did Luther write during his stay at the Wartburg?

2.  What was distinctive about Andreas Bodenstein von Carlstadt?

3.  Who were the Humanists, and who was Erasmus of Rotterdam?

4.  How did Erasmus and Luther challenger each other?

5.  What was Luther’s controversial role in The Peasants’ War?

6.  Upon his return to the Wartburg in 1522, Luther addressed “whether and how a person is saved or made right or ‘justified’ by faith.”  How does Christ meet us at the cross?

7.  Who was Katherine von Bora and how did she enter Luther’s life?

8.  What did Katie contribute to the Luther’s marriage and household?

9.  When is a good time to watch the movie on Luther at church?