Wednesday, May 11, 2016

I Am a Church Member, by Thom Rainer

Chapter Five

1. How does the biblical teaching of the log and the speck in Matthew 7 apply to  
church membership?

2. What is the relationship of our immediate families and the church family?  What biblical texts make this connection?

3. What is the role of a believing spouse to an unbelieving spouse?  How does that manifest itself in church membership?

4. Why is unconditional love such a challenge, especially as it applies to church membership?

5. How is Christ’s death on the cross an example for us as church members relating to one another?

   Chapter Six

1. How does the gift of salvation relate to the gift of church membership?

2. Why do many church members have a sense of entitlement?  What does the Bible say about that?

3. Explain how Christians are in both the universal church and in the local church.

4. Read the entire story of Jesus rebuking His disciples in Matthew 20: 20– 28.  How could that story relate to church membership?

5. For your last question, look at each part of the entire membership covenant you  
have reviewed to this point. As you look at the entire covenant, what areas will be  
your greatest challenge?  In what areas can you make immediate changes?